LR Grade EH32, LR/EH32 Shipbuilding Steel Plates

We present superior quality LR/EH32 Shipbuilding Steel Plates as per the various national as well as international standard and specifications. LR EH32 Shipbuilding steel plates also can be used for producing container and bulk cargo vessels as well as cruise ships, ferries and yachts.

We specialise in the manufacture of special size and custom shape for our customers. These are available at competitive rates.

LR/EH32 Shipbuilding Steel Plates


Specification :

Material : LR/EH32,LR Grade EH32, LR EH32
Relative Grades : LR/A, LR/B, LR/D, LR/E, LR/AH32, LR/DH32, LR/EH32, LR/FH32, LR/AH36, LR/DH36, LR/EH36, LR/FH36, LR/AH40, LR/DH40, LR/EH40, LR/FH40, LR/2HGr50
Classification Societies : LRS
Applications : LR Grade EH32(LR/EH32) marine steel plates are used in manufacturing hull, maritime oil extraction drilling platform, platform tube junction and other structural components.
Pretreatment Services : LR Grade EH32(LR/EH32) plate may be with Painting,Blasting,Clearing rust.
Tests : LR Grade EH32(LR/EH32) steel plate contains Tensile Tests and Impact Tests.The UT (Ultrasonic Testing), the third party test, Z15, Z25, Z35 test and other tests are also available as customers' requirement.
T*W*L : 8--200 mm* 1500--4020mm *  3000--18000 mm 

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